Lazy Daniel Trash Bag Dispensers

Lazy Daniel - 13 Gallon Trash Bag Dispenser

  • Promotes cleanliness and convenience in your kitchen
  • Saves space under the kitchen sink
  • A Patented bag dispensing mechanism makes bag release easy
  • Velcro adhesive and screw mounts make dispenser versatile
  • Heavy duty bags at .9 MIL with drawstrings

Tear-Away ThumbPatented Tear-Away Thumb

  1. Unique patented design
  2. Quick transition between bags
  3. Tear-Away thumb releases bag

Refill Options

  1. (13 Gal.) Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags
  2. (13 Gal.) Biodegradable Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags (Coming Soon!)
  3. (13 Gal.) Tall Kitchen Bags (Straight Cut)(Coming Soon!)
  4. (4 Gal.) Bathroom Bags (Coming Soon!)
  5. Doggie Refill Bags (Coming Soon!)

Trash Bag Refills

Dispenser Options

13 Gal. Dispensers - Color Options Below


(4 Gal.) Black
Coming Soon!

(4 Gal.) Sand
Coming Soon!

Doggie Dispenser
Coming Soon!


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